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Your Audience Is Waiting…
Will They Find You?

If you have:

  • A message you'd like to share with the world
  • A desire to bring health and wellness to people around the globe
  • A certainty that now is your time
  • A desire to grow your business along with your message

Don’t be “the best kept secret” in your industry! If you are a teacher, expert, coach, or health practitioner there has never been a better time to reach people.

There’s enormous opportunity right now to increase your visibility, share your message and transform the world with your gifts.

How? By building an audience online. This means greater leverage and monetization for your business while at the same time you get the thrill of connecting with a wider audience and being the force of transformation you know you were born to be.

But here’s the thing: If you don’t learn the media side of sharing your message online, you will spend years wondering how to make it happen instead of actually doing it.

If you’ve had any of these thoughts:

You’re in the right place.

In the Well.Org Media Academy you will learn everything you need to know to build an audience and utilize a multi-platform approach to sharing your message on a global level.

The challenge is: If you stick to traditional marketing models, you will only be able to serve a limited number of people, mostly reduced to your own geographic area.

That approach limits your impact and influence, and on top of it, your earning power.

Many brilliant professionals get stuck at that place, and it’s a frustrating place to be. We don’t want you to be one of them!

There’s an old saying that goes, “Fish where the fish are.” (It sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people spend time and money casting their lines into empty ponds, just hoping for the fish to bite.)

To really make a difference today, you’ve got to put yourself where your audience is already looking. That means going where your future students, clients, and customers are waiting.

But what we have seen is that if you don’t take the time to learn the media skills to make it happen, there’s very little chance they’ll find you.


Where people are online…

pedram-headshot-studioMy name is Dr. Pedram Shojai and I’m the founder of Well.Org. I’m a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD), and Taoist Priest, Chi-Gung master, author, and Kung Fu world traveler. I produced the movie “Vitality”, wrote the book Rise and Shine, and recently produced the movie “Origins”. I’m the creator of the top rated podcast “The Health Bridge” and am writing another book with a major publisher this year. We have two TV shows coming this year and a whole host of other successful projects like magazines and podcasts.

My intent in starting Well.Org was to help make the world a better place and empower people to find health and happiness.

Well.Org is the wellness content provider to over 1.3 million people in more than 2200 corporations in the US and that number is growing every month. We provide consulting, rich media, videos, magazines, and a whole host of other supportive services to companies in need.

We started from the ground up, and figured out a thing or two about media along the way.

  • Our recent movie ORIGINS had 750,000 views in 3 weeks PLUS 230,000 shares

  • Our film VITALITY went on to gain a lucrative distribution deal on Netflix.

  • My podcast “The Health Bridge” with Sara Gottfried is one of the most popular health podcasts on iTunes.

But it wasn’t all easy going. Along the way, we’ve had our share of growing pains, which is great news for you. Why? We plan on sharing everything we learned with you in this program.

As it happened, some of our mistakes were costly.

Just a reality check here:

When it comes to building a brand online, it’s possible to invest $50,000-$100,000 in technology, software, consultants, and … and come up empty handed with nothing to show for it.

Yikes is right.

I’ve had numerous colleagues complain to me about money they’ve thrown down the drain with consultants. They know they need to get a media and web presence but they don’t know who to trust anymore.

If that is the sand trap of despair, then we’re here to build your bridge right over it.

We’re going to teach you:

  • How to harness the latest trends in online media for your business
  • How to hire the right experts to help you (if that’s what you want to do)
  • The necessary business strategies that must be in place for you to succeed in building an online media empire.

That’s really why I created the Well.Org Media Academy. I’m inspired to empower new voices that bring a message of healing, hope and change to our world. I want to hand you a microphone and show you how to turn it on so you can start talking to your global tribe!

I’ve hired great people over the years and also wasted a ton of money. I know what works and what is a waste of time and have put together a course that cuts through the garbage and teaches you what you need to know.

The choice is yours. It’s up to you if you’re ready for the rocket boosters. I just hope you don’t settle for anything less than the expression of your full greatness.

If you’re longing to reach more people and make a bigger impact, then I’m enthused to be of support to you in the Well.Org Media Academy!

With the Well.Org Media Academy You Will Get:

12 Weeks with 12 Modules of Online Training in our Membership Portal

PLUS lifetime access to the course even after you’ve taken it so you are privy to every new upgrade we bring you!

Inside the Membership Portal You’ll Find:

  • Video Lessons
  • Audio Lessons
  • Downloads
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Fun Bonuses 

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Well.Org Media Academy:


  • What kind of website you need
  • How to differentiate your brand
  • How to identify your audience
  • What platform you should use to communicate with your audience
  • How to set up a shopping cart
  • How to broadcast emails to your audience
  • How to build a large “list” from nothing
  • Setting up your CRM for success
  • Gorgeous website platforms to DIY like a pro
  • The importance of mobile responsive design
  • How to set up your own Amazon store
  • What URLs you need to lay the foundation for your business


  • How to blog and create articles
  • What it takes to write a book and get it published
  • Copywriting tips and techniques to help your growth and sales
  • How to script your audios and videos so they are camera ready
  • All you need to know about leveraging transcription services
  • Creating a release schedule and staying on task with it
  • Riding online trends and current events to make yourself relevant
  • All about the Well.Org, Be More! Magazine, and why we may publish you
  • The importance of engaging with your audience through social commentary
  • PSD Resources
  • PLUS you’ll get insider secrets on how to break into the publishing industry from Pedram’s literary agent.


  • How to create a podcast and host an Internet radio show
  • What it takes to create a captivating audio program
  • How to record audio in a professional way – even at home
  • Sound-proofing made easy!
  • Setting up an iPhone studio
  • What equipment you need to edit like a pro- even on a tight budget
  • How to distribute your audio programs on the Internet and get heard
  • How to grab quality audio on the fly with your smartphone
  • Radio still matters! Getting on the air, broadcasting, and buying time
  • Podcast syndicates are your friend: Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes
  • Getting paid through sponsors
  • Using voice recording to generate blogs and written materials
  • Conducting successful teleseminars
  • Training your voice for quality audio
  • Developing a conversational tone for your audience
  • Custom audio messaging for your audience


  • The road to becoming a YouTube star! Getting your channel up, viewed, and shared
  • Positioning yourself as an expert. How video is the differentiator that can up-level your brand all the way to the top
  • Documentary filmmaking 101. How to produce your documentary on a low budget and get high quality results
  • Getting your film distributed traditionally and/or online
  • Green screen capture made easy from your home or office
  • Recording on Skype? No problem! Here’s what to do for a classy interview over the Internet filmed from your laptop anywhere in the world
  • How to film and broadcast webinars and online summits
  • What if you want to be on TV? Local, PBS, national and more
  • Hosting your own show, and getting on someone else’s show
  • The ups and downs of hiring a publicist, and how to get where you want to be without one
  • What you need to know about cameras, lighting, crew, quad copters, setting up your own studio and more!


  • What kind of business entity you need and how to set it up in under a week.
  • S Corp, C Corp, LLC, B Corp? Business 101, determining who you will be.
  • Do you need a trademark? Why it’s imperative to check availability before you build. Plus, get your name protected!
  • All about insurance—for filming, live events, your business and
  • Banking that makes dollars and sense: PayPal, credit card companies, merchant accounts, and securing your business accounts
  • Is there anything you say that could get you in legal trouble? (Yes, there is. We’ll make sure you know what to say and what not to say.)
  • What’s a disclaimer? Do you need one?
  • Getting a copyright (It’s easier than you think)
  • Privacy policy, terms and conditions for your website
  • PLUS the latest on what kind of case studies you can and can’t use in your marketing


  • What you need to know to get your message out
  • How to use social media effectively:
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Pinterest
    - LinkedIn
    - Instagram
    - Itunes
  • How to monetize what you know
  • How you sell your own stuff: Advertising
  • Getting other people to sell for you: JV partners & affiliates
  • Creating a Video Sales Letter series
  • Why ebooks are so awesome
  • Is outsourcing for you?
  • Cross-platform brand integration
  • Learn how to use SEO, QR Codes, and more!
  • Using Udemy, iTunesU, and other educational platforms to get your message out
  • Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and other set top boxes


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Who is Invited?

The Well.Org Media Academy is for dedicated souls who are ready to fully show up with enthusiasm to build an online brand and let their voice be heard.

After these 12 weeks you will have at your fingertips access to and the understanding of every tool you need to succeed in building an online brand.

Because we only want to work with people who are open-hearted change-makers, this program is not for you if:

  • You tend to procrastinate
  • You would rather put someone else in charge of your message
  • You have a get rich quick mindset
  • You have to sell the farm to sign up for this program

The Well.Org Media Academy is a professional online training program. We’re interested in working with people who are ready to further their careers and make a difference in the world.

Quick story for you:

lav We had hired a videographer for our film “Vitality”, and they used “lav” microphones incorrectly to grab audio. (If you know anything about lav mics, you know they go on a person’s collar, and this guy hung them from the ceiling.) It was a terrible mistake, but I didn’t know that at the time. It would cost thousands of dollars to fix. We couldn’t go back to reshoot either, because the famous people in the movie were too hard to track down for a do-over!

So let’s talk about the investment. has spent $3,000-$10,000/month on media consultants to get it right. Our total investment has been well over $500,000 to learn what we know, plus time lost in mistakes and things we could have done better than we knew how at the time.

Everything we learned comprises all the good stuff we plan to share with you in this program! Because we wanted to make this training as affordable as possible, the cost is only $2997 for lifetime access.

While we cannot guarantee your results, we CAN guarantee you will have all the tools and information you need to succeed in online media!


  • Access to the 12 Weekly Modules
  • Additional Resources for Each Module
  • Access to the Membership Portal
  • Industry Expert Interviews
  • Access to the community of fellow students on a private Facebook page
  • Opportunity to be a contributor to the Well.Org Magazine

PLUS These Special Bonuses:

The Urban Monk Academy - In just 100 days you can transform your life to feel your best and get your life focused and clear. Online Training with Pedram Shojai.] See what a successful online program looks like and learn from best practices.

The Vitality Challenge Program - This is our amazing ten week lifestyle program that has already helped thousands of people and is now being offered as part of this package for a limited time only. We’ve designed this program to help you get your diet, exercise, sleep, and mindset balanced in an easy to follow and approachable way. The weekly modules walk you through it and provide the resources you need to make the lasting changes that will dramatically change your health and the health of our planet.

Vitality Summit - Join Dr. Pedram Shojai, Founder of Well.Org, producer of the movie “Vitality”, and author of “Rise and Shine” in a no-nonsense virtual conference about life, vitality, energy, having purpose, clean living, and things that really matter. Presentations from Abel James, Shawn Stevenson, J.J. Virgin, Sara Gottfried and other presenters illuminate the journey to invigorate your whole life! Pedram’s “tell it like it is” style will engage the biggest names in health, wellness, and fitness to loosen up, be themselves, and get into the good stuff. Its never a dull moment with these guys.

Origins Deep Dive Summit - Over 36 interviews with key people in the health, wellness, green, and ecology industries further exploring the concepts talked about in the movie. There is so much to know and share that we felt we needed to create this “Deep Dive” content to help people who have been inspired and motivated by the movie take the next steps. The interviews are both educational and inspiring as your host, Dr. Pedram Shojai, asks each guest to be raw and honest about what the problems are, and more importantly, what solutions we can work with right now to make a difference in our lives and for the planet. There is so much depth and human touch in these that you’ll want to listen to them for years to come- a perfect digital library of wisdom and inspiration for you and your family. We will also be adding more special content over time to the password-protected area you’ll be given access to as a digital customer.

  • Podcast secrets with Dave Asprey
  • Performance Coaching Modules for video and audio
  • Hair and Make Up Tips for Best Video Practices
  • Facebook Advertising 101


Whether you’re on the go, have a full time career, are a busy parent, or travel a lot, The Well.Org Media Academy is designed to easily fit your lifestyle.

Check out some of our amazing work...


Online media is booming. This is the time to establish yourself and your brand. You can either be an early adopter and trusted advisor now or you’ll be on the outside wanting in a few years from now. If you’re tired of constantly looking for new clients and working against the grain to make ends meet in your practice, this training will give you the skills you need to leverage yourself and build the audience you dream of.


If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason within the first 30 days, we will refund your money in full. We’ve designed this course with all the tools you will need to become your own multimedia channel. With expert training, exclusive interviews, and useful resources, we’ve crafted this program to carry incredible value for anyone who cares to expand their message and media presence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI’m already enrolled in another online program. Can I do this one, too?

    Absolutely! This course was meant to free up your time, and take the hassle and confusion out of doing online media. This is self-paced program that compliments other coaching, career-based and scholastic programs, so there’s no pressure or timeline here that would infringe on your success in multiple programs.

  • q-iconHow do I know The Well.Org Media Academy is really for me?

    This program is definitely not for everyone. If your enthusiasm for media and running an online business is just lukewarm, we suggest you don’t apply at this time. However, if you are red hot with excitement to get your message out there, be it in film, video, audio, blogs, online courses and more, this program will really take your work to the next level. Plus you’ll get to socialize with like-minded change-makers inside the private Facebook forum, and continue to build momentum with your tribe!

  • q-iconHow do I access the course?

    We have designed a sleek and intuitive online membership portal that contains every element of the Well.Org Media Academy: videos, audios, transcripts and bonuses – all in one place. You will have your own login and password to enter. Course modules unlock every week, and you will be emailed updates as to when your next module has become available. You will also be given access to the private Facebook group as soon as you register. You can access the academy from anywhere in the world there’s an Internet connection, 24/7. There is always technical support on hand to assist you with the program.

  • q-iconWhat can I expect to walk away with?

    The foundation of your online media empire starts here. Whether you want to bring in new customers to your brick and mortar business, incentive existing customers, or create an online brand you can oversee from anywhere, this is where you begin. In 12 weeks time you will have a proven strategy to build your brand online, and then start building it. If your aspiration is to write and produce your documentary film, or produce a show on YouTube, or get published, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started and make it happen. You’ll have the ability to syndicate your own blog, broadcast a quality podcast you can feel proud of, have a YouTube channel you create and curate, a plan of action, and plenty of resources to grow your online media empire into the dream of reaching millions of people with your message.

  • q-iconIs there someone I can talk to who can answer my questions about the Well.Org Media Academy?

    Please send an email with your questions to and one of our staff will respond to you as swiftly as possible.

  • q-iconWhat kind of time commitment per week should I expect once I enroll?

    This is a ‘learn at your own pace’ program. The modules unlock every week, so we recommend that students complete the program in 12 weeks, however you do have a lifetime membership, so you can slow it down to the pace that most suits you, no problem.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a man with many titles. He is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, the author of Rise and Shine (Process, 2011), the producer and director of the movies “Vitality,” and “Origins.” He’s the co-host and creator of “The Health Bridge” podcast, which is commonly top of the charts in iTunes.

Pedram is starring in two TV shows coming in 2015 and is working on his next book The Urban Monk (through Rodale in February 2016). He has a new, eye-opening movie in pre-production, which features some heavy-hitting superstars that are changing the world. Pedram is considered one of the most influential people in health and green media.

Carl Lindahl

Carl is a network executive, executive producer and media consultant for television & web content with 20+ years’ experience.  As VP/EP of Programming at A & E Networks’ History Channel and Turner Broadcasting System’s TNT, Carl developed and managed the production of hundreds of hours of acclaimed, ratings-driven specials, series and web content. His productions cover a variety of genres including reality, documentary, comedy, live events, entertainment news and have received numerous industry awards including four Emmys. In 2014 he formed High Horse Entertainment to work with media networks and production companies to develop & produce video content across multiple platforms.

Kaia Van Zandt

Kaia is a digital marketing consultant and senior copywriter who has put millions of dollars in the pockets of her clients, as well as help them achieve national and international recognition as bestselling authors. She got her start a decade ago with internet marketing trend setter Eben Pagan, and today she is among the most widely known and utilized senior copywriters for personal development leaders, life coaches, online experts and conscious business owners, such as Well.Org, Mary Morrissey, Marci Shimoff, Ram Dass, Michael Beckwith, John and Ocean Robbins, HeartMath Institute, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Joe Polish and many others. Kaia is the author of the historical novel, Written in the Ashes, which was optioned for film by an Academy Award-winning producer. She is also an accomplished yoga teacher and practitioner of 20 years, and was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine.

Zach Edwards

Zach got started on digital campaigns while working for over a year and a half on Barack Obama's first Presidential campaign, and on the digital operations in 5 primary states (Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, South Dakota) and Iowa during the general election. He’s an expert on online community building, online advertising, advanced analytics and tag management setups, conversion optimization and website testing, image and video production, and website architecture. He previously worked on digital efforts for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, has written dozens of research books on public policies and politicians, and led the digital team for former Houston Mayor Bill White’s campaign for Texas Governor. In 2011, he co-founded his first startup, My Digital Manager, a digital asset management platform to help clients organize and search through terabytes of video data. He’s gone on to co-found a company focused on the energy data standard Green Button, an advocacy app for crowd-sourced calling campaigns @, and has been building a data-driven consulting firm, Victory Medium, since early 2012.

Jessica Peralta

A journalist for more than 15 years, Jessica has worked for newspapers, magazines and websites as a reporter, writer and editor. She started out at the Orange County Register before migrating into the world of magazines and websites. She’s met many interesting people and written about all kinds of subjects – ranging from education, business and crime to health, beauty, pets and horror. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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